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Appeals round-up: Housing scheme meets all five rural exception policy requirements; Holiday mews would block sunlight in conservation area

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 25 January-31 January, 2020

Housing scheme meets all five rural exception policy requirements

Plans to build ten homes beyond the settlement boundary of a village in the West Midlands Green Belt can go ahead, after an inspector ruled that the scheme met all the criteria required to be considered as a rural exception site.

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Holiday mews would block sunlight in conservation area

A row of mews style holiday apartments in the grounds of a listed building in Inverness cannot be built because it would block sunlight to neighbouring houses, a reporter has ruled.

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Hillside pigeon loft 'caused neighbours distress'

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a second pigeon loft behind a terrace of homes in the Rhondda Valley, ruling that odour, noise and vermin concerns had 'clearly disturbed' nearby residents.

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Dolphin-spotting measures deemed inadequate

An historic ruined bothy on the Moray coast cannot be converted into a hub for eight eco-friendly holiday huts, a reporter has ruled, because plans to desalinate water for use by guests would disrupt the area's bottlenose dolphin population.

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Cumulative circumstances justify green belt bungalow

An inspector has allowed plans to replace a mobile home with a permanent bungalow despite ruling that it was 'not a building' for planning purposes, finding that various factors justified permission 'when taken together'.

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Biosecurity concerns do not justify AONB livestock quarantine

An inspector has rejected plans for an isolation building for sick animals at a farm in rural Yorkshire despite the appellant's argument that it was 'essential for improving biosecurity', citing harm to the Nidderdale AONB.

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Flats to replace Victorian hotel would not 'sit quietly'

An inspector has blocked plans to replace a Victorian hotel in New Brighton with a block of 14 apartments, ruling that rather than allowing it to 'sit quietly within the street scene', the building's 'incongruous' modern design would draw attention.

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