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Appeals round-up: House approved on site ‘not well placed’ for a dwelling; Community centre would be sixfold breach of policy threshold

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 13 October-19 October, 2018

House approved on site ‘not well placed’ for a dwelling

An inspector has allowed plans for a new home on a site in the High Weald AONB that he called ‘not well placed relative to services and facilities’, in light of the council’s housing land supply of 3.44 years.

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Community centre would be sixfold breach of policy threshold

An inspector has refused permission for a Stratford community centre to host up to 100 people at once, because it would be more than six times the threshold of 15 people cited in the local development plan.

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Basement of 10-bed HMO 'too far below ground level’

The basement rooms in a five-storey HMO in Liverpool were too far below ground level, creating unacceptable living conditions for their occupiers, an inspector has ruled.

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Children’s play centre on Liverpool industrial estate refused

A vacant industrial estate unit cannot be converted into a children’s play centre, an inspector has decided, because the scheme would undermine the council’s aim to protect designated ‘primarily industrial areas’.

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100 homes approved in light of Swindon's 'serious' housing shortfall

Plans for 100 homes north of Swindon can go ahead despite landscape harm and conflict with the local development plan, an inspector has ruled, citing the council's 'serious' housing land supply shortfall.

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Notice quashed after tenants’ sworn statements

An enforcement notice against the unauthorised subdivision of a flat in Leeds has been quashed in light of sworn statements by its tenants referring to ‘a high degree of satisfaction’ with the accommodation despite its limited floor space.

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Tees bridge to school playing fields would not harm heritage

A Yorkshire school’s plans to create new playing fields across the river from its campus, along with a timber bridge to access them, would not harm the character of the town or its heritage assets, an inspector has ruled.

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Dilapidated cricket ground is not an ‘existing’ use

Too much time has passed for a derelict cricket pavilion to be considered an ‘existing’ leisure use, an inspector has ruled, and plans to replace it would constitute a new building in the countryside.

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