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Appeals round-up: Horse insemination ‘not a sporting activity’; Phone mast in place of football floodlight would be ‘incongruous’

Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 26 September-1 October, 2017

Horse insemination ‘not a sporting activity’

Plans for an equine reproduction and rehabilitation centre in Hertfordshire’s green belt have been refused, after an inspector rejected claims that it would be ‘in support’ of sporting activity and therefore exempt from green belt restrictions.

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Phone mast in place of football floodlight would be ‘incongruous’

Plans to address a coverage black spot in West Sussex by erecting a new mobile phone mast in place of one of Steyning Football Club’s pitch floodlights have been rejected because the top-heavy mast would look ‘incongruous’.

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142 homes allowed on industrial estate in light of fallback scheme

A plan to convert a vacant car showroom on an Essex industrial estate to offices and flats has been allowed, after an inspector considered that its smaller but immediate affordable housing provision would be preferable to an uncertain extant permission on the site.

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Digital advert less distracting than five traditional billboards

An inspector has allowed plans to replace five traditional billboard adverts with a single animated digital display, ruling that the new display would be less distracting to motorists negotiating a busy nearby roundabout.

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Roof terrace approved for grade I listed Westminster building

An inspector has allowed plans to alter a grade I listed building in Westminster to create a new roof terrace, ruling that it would not disturb neighbours despite concerns about a noise-amplifying ‘canyon effect’.

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Innovative ‘paragraph 55’ home refused in national park

Plans for an isolated home in the South Downs national park have been blocked after an inspector ruled it would be 'inappropriate development' despite a 'highly commendable' design endorsed by Design South East.

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85-home scheme would harm setting of Harper Adams University

Outline permission to build 85 homes near Edgmond, Shropshire, has been rejected after an inspector said the scheme would close the gap between the village and Harper Adams University ‘to the detriment of both’.

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Mixed-use scheme refused on historic Dunblane battleground

Plans for a large mixed-use scheme including 165 homes near Dunblane have been blocked after a Scottish reporter concluded that the proposals would harm the ‘intimate character’ of the surrounding landscape.

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Takeaway refused because of local child obesity concerns

An inspector has ruled that controlling the proliferation of fast-food outlets ‘has a role to play’ in addressing childhood obesity in Wallsend, North Tyneside, where at least 25 per cent of year-six pupils are considered ‘very overweight’.

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