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Appeals round-up: Historic galleon replica's advertising screens deemed harmful; Play area land for permission proposition rejected

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 15 August-21 August, 2020

Historic galleon replica's advertising screens deemed harmful

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for three screens advertising entry to The Golden Hinde, a replica of Sir Francis Drake's famous 16th century ship, which is now moored on the south bank of the River Thames and used as a museum.

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Play area land for permission proposition rejected

An inspector has rejected a landowner's offer to convey an area of land to a Somerset parish council free of charge to be used as a village play area, which formed part of his application to build two homes outside of the village's settlement boundary.

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National problem gambling data does not prove local health risk

An inspector has rejected Doncaster Council's argument that plans for an adult gaming centre in the town centre would harm public health, ruling that there was not enough localised evidence to show a correlation.

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Pandemic effects on housing delivery 'not directly relevant' to supply

An inspector has rejected plans for 255 homes in Essex, ruling that the Covid-19 pandemic's forecast effects on housing delivery were 'not directly relevant' to five-year housing land supply calculations concerned with deliverability of sites.

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Luxury 'extra care' scheme approved despite mayor's ruling

Plans to regenerate a former college in Kensington to provide 142 'extra care' units worth up to £6m each can go ahead, after an inspector rejected the GLA's 2019 ruling that the units were not exempt from affordable housing requirements.

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Community building 'different but no less valuable' than skate park

An inspector has approved alterations to a major regeneration scheme in Welwyn Garden City that will see a mixed-use community building proved instead of a skate park, despite council objections that teenagers would have nowhere to 'hang out'.

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Forth Bridge visitor centre parking dispute solved

Following a dispute over the amount of parking to be provided for a planned visitor centre at the Forth Bridge near Edinburgh, a reporter decided that the optimal number of spaces was halfway between the amount proposed by the council and appellant.

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