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Appeals round-up: Harrods flower kiosk would not hinder social distancing; 60-year old planning condition upheld at caravan park

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 30 January-5 February, 2021

Harrods flower kiosk would not hinder social distancing

Alterations to a pedestrianised area outside the grade II* London department store Harrods that included anti-terror bollards and a flower kiosk would not prevent social distancing, an inspector found, describing the kiosk as a ‘visually intriguing focal point’.

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60-year old planning condition upheld at caravan park

An inspector has upheld a 1962 planning condition limiting the number of caravans at a Surrey park to 150 in refusing permission for an extra six caravans, ruling that the condition remained relevant for the purposes of protecting the green belt.

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Plans to replace pub with retirement flats blocked

Plans to demolish The Blackburne Arms, a popular Warrington pub, to make way for 52 retirement flats have been blocked by an inspector, who noted that it had been trading until the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to close.

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AONB barn could not be better positioned

An inspector has quashed enforcement action against a building in the Malvern Hills AONB and approved its use for storing tree surgery equipment, questioning the council’s requirements for its design.

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UK's first ‘hangar homes’ scheme dismissed

Plans to build six mixed-use ‘hangar homes’ with accommodation above a working aircraft hangar on an airfield near Portsmouth have been blocked by an inspector, who ruled that occupants would suffer unacceptable living conditions.

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‘Serious shortcomings’ scupper 92-home scheme

An inspector has dismissed plans to build 92 homes in Flintshire, commenting that while the scheme’s shortcomings could be ‘quite readily resolved’, no mechanism had been put forward for doing so.

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Reserve power plant allowed despite renewable ruling

An inspector has approved plans for a reserve power plant in Devon despite ruling that it could not be considered a renewable energy scheme, after deciding that it would still help towards ‘meeting the challenge of climate change’.

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