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Appeals round-up: Georgian replacement shopping centre would harm heritage; Student flats would not cause domination of Edinburgh community

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 6 March-12 March, 2021

Georgian replacement shopping centre would harm heritage

Plans to replace a 1980s shopping centre in Bury St Edmunds with a new Georgian design that would offer 48 flats as well as retail space have been rejected by an inspector, who found that the new building would not ‘successfully assimilate’.

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Student flats would not cause domination of Edinburgh community

Plans for 74 student studios on brownfield land near Edinburgh city centre can go ahead, after a reporter found that the scheme would not lead to an overconcentration of students despite ‘approaching’ the council’s 50 per cent threshold.

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‘Bespoke’ SEND school is ruled appropriate in green belt

Plans to convert a large detached home in the Surrey green belt into a specialist school for boys with autism have been approved by an inspector, who decided that the scheme was sustainable development and not inappropriate in the green belt.

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Para 79 ‘pergola house’ could ‘encourage discordant design’

Plans submitted under NPPF paragraph 79 for a home in Kent featuring a 35-metre trussed arch for climbing plants have been blocked by an inspector, who found that the ‘interesting’ concept might ‘encourage discordant design’ in the area.

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Jenrick approves £130m Digbeth regeneration scheme

The housing secretary has approved plans to deliver 480 homes and a 167-room hotel on brownfield land in Birmingham, noting that the scheme had ‘limited potential’ to prejudice the council’s plans for the reopening of a Victorian railway line in the area.

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Council criticised for refusing housing on recently allocated site

Harrogate Borough Council must pay costs for blocking plans for 140 homes on land it had recently allocated for housing, after an inspector ruled that the planning application process was ‘not the occasion’ for reconsidering the site’s sustainability.

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Costs levied on council for blocking Surrey music festival site

Elmbridge Borough Council ‘failed to apply national policy in a rational way’ by blocking plans to use green belt land near Walton-on-Thames for music festivals and other events, an inspector has ruled, granting permission subject to conditions.

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