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Appeals round-up: 'Generic' benefits of 380-home scheme outweighed by development plan; Conservation area cottage to be moved 5 metres

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 30 October-5 November, 2017

'Generic' benefits of 380-home scheme outweighed by development plan

An inspector has refused plans for 380 homes, a nursery, convenience store and 60-bed care home in the East Riding of Yorkshire, after finding that the council could demonstrate a five year housing supply.

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Conservation area cottage to be moved 5 metres

An inspector has approved plans for a cottage on green belt land near Tonbridge to be demolished and rebuilt five metres farther back from the road, reusing the original materials as far as possible.

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'Very special circumstances’ found for Guildford natural green space project

An inspector has allowed plans to convert 35 hectares of agricultural land near Guildford into suitable alternative natural green space (SANG), despite conflict with green belt policy.

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Replacement country home allowed despite harm to bat roosts

An inspector has approved plans to replace a ‘substandard’ home in a highly affluent area of Buckinghamshire with a much larger classical-style country house, despite the protected bat roosts that would be lost during demolition.

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Partially subterranean green belt home would not harm openness

An inspector has allowed a home in the West Midlands Green Belt that will be larger than the buildings it replaces, ruling that it would not harm green belt openness because the additional space would be underground.

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Javid approves controversial 348-home green belt scheme

Plans for the comprehensive redevelopment of Oaklands College in St Albans, including refurbishment of college buildings and 348 new homes, have been approved by the secretary of state despite green belt restrictions.

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Double appeal approval for conversion of office under GPDO

An inspector has granted prior approval for two similar schemes to convert a large office in Brentford to flats under GPDO rules, despite concerns over its location next to the busy M4.

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Narrow footpath thwarts 61% affordable housing scheme

An inspector has refused permission for 46 homes in Cornwall because the proposed access footpath would be 80cm narrower than the minimum required width, which would ‘feel unsafe’ to pedestrians.

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Inspector cites Court of Appeal ruling in contravening ministerial statement

An inspector has blocked plans to build a pair of semi-detached homes in Reading because the scheme’s affordable housing contribution would be inadequate, citing the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the written ministerial statement of 2014 relating to schemes of 10 homes or fewer.

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