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Appeals round-up: Funeral preparations would not disturb pub customers next door; ‘No essential need’ for accommodation at Devon vineyard

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 23 October-29 October, 2017

Funeral preparations would not disturb pub customers next door

An inspector has granted retrospective permission to convert a pair of grade II listed townhouses in Plymouth from a restaurant into a funeral parlour, despite acknowledging that it could be ‘unnerving’ for patrons of a neighbouring pub.

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‘No essential need’ for accommodation at Devon vineyard

An inspector has blocked a rural worker’s home at a Devon vineyard because it would harm the surrounding AONB, finding no essential need that the appellant could not deal with from their current home, a five-minute drive away.

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13-home Leeds scheme would ‘increase opportunities for crime’

An inspector has blocked plans for 13 new homes in Swarcliffe, Leeds, ruling that the layout of the scheme would create ‘secluded’ areas in the proposed car park which could increase opportunities for crime.

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Pond brings unacceptable ‘complexity’ to historic park landscape

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a pond within the High Weald AONB, dismissing the appellant's claims of a historical precedent and finding the pond ‘disrespectful’ to the surrounding planned landscape.

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Solar panel’s harm to listed home outweighs benefits

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a solar panel installed on a grade II listed home in Moseley, Birmingham, ruling that its environmental benefits were outweighed by harm to the architectural interest of the house.

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Inspector rejects developer's 20% profit requirement

An inspector has refused a 97-home scheme near Barnsley for its lack of affordable housing, rejecting the developer's minimum profit margin of 20 per cent and stating that an affordable housing contribution would be viable with a margin of 17.5 per cent.

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195 homes allowed in light of 10% lapse rate

An inspector has granted outline permission for 195 homes near Boston contrary to the local development plan, after applying a 10 per cent lapse rate to the council’s housing supply because some permissions included in it were granted up to 10 years ago.

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74-bed care home approved as NPPF trumps local policy

An inspector has approved plans for a care home in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, ruling that local plan policies reserving the site for employment use were outdated and did not correspond to local need, as required by the NPPF.

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Javid refuses seven wind turbines in Lincolnshire countryside

Communities secretary Sajid Javid has refused plans for seven wind turbines in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire, ruling that harm to the character of the area outweighed the benefits of renewable energy.

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