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Appeals round-up: Flats next to railway line would have ‘oppressive’ outlook; Alpaca shearing barn construction did not begin prematurely

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 23 June-29 June, 2018

Brokenshire approves Croydon school with ‘rooftop play deck’

The housing secretary has approved plans for a new 630-place primary school in Croydon, ruling that the proposed ‘rooftop play deck’ and indoor games area made the scheme acceptable.

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£685m green energy facility blocked by Welsh planning secretary

Lesley Griffiths has upheld an inspector's recommendation to refuse plans for a major green energy facility on the site of a former Royal Navy depot in Pembrokeshire, citing landscape and ecological harm.

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45-home scheme outweighs loss of rare grassland

The benefits of a 45-home scheme near Brighton would outweigh biodiversity concerns, an inspector has ruled in light of the constraints on housing land in the area.

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Conversion refused after appeal building collapses

An inspector has refused permission to convert a poultry shed into a home on procedural grounds, after finding the building had collapsed on her visit to the site.

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Flats next to railway line would have ‘oppressive’ outlook

An inspector has refused plans to convert a retail unit in Leicester into nine studio flats, ruling that the adjacent railway line would create a ‘restrictive and oppressive’ outlook for residents on the ground floor.

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Alpaca shearing barn construction did not begin prematurely

An inspector has approved plans for a timber barn in Cornwall under permitted development rules, finding that a concrete floor laid before prior approval was sought did not constitute part of the appeal scheme.

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Partial residential conversion of Reading hotel approved

Plans to convert the top two floors of a hotel in Reading town centre into 10 apartments can go ahead, despite non-compliance with national space standards and other policy conflicts.

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'Personal benefits' cannot justify live-work unit in conservation area

An inspector has refused permission for a live-work studio in an historic village near Stratford-upon-Avon, ruling that the scheme's benefits would be mainly personal to the appellant.

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