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Appeals round-up: Expired permission renewal blocked despite 'no change in circumstances'; Seven-storey scheme incorporating listed vaults near Barbican approved

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 27 November-3 December, 2017

Expired permission renewal blocked despite 'no change in circumstances'

An inspector has ordered Nuneaton Council to pay costs for refusing to renew permission for a two-storey house that expired in 2016 despite no 'material change in circumstances' since, before then refusing the permission himself.

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Seven-storey scheme incorporating listed vaults near Barbican approved

An inspector has approved a large mixed use scheme in central London, comprising 35 flats and a hotel above ground, and a restaurant and office space in a listed former brewery cellar beneath the site.

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Residents of converted BHS store would have ‘very poor’ living conditions

Plans to re-use and extend a vacant former BHS building in Bromley to incorporate 42 flats have been refused, after an inspector found that some of the occupants would have 'very poor and inadequate living conditions'.

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On-site home for rabbi would harm Hove conservation area

A rabbi's plan to build a home for his family next to an historic synagogue in Hove to improve its security in light of recent 'anti-semitic feeling' in the area has been refused, because it would harm the surrounding conservation area.

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Benefits of 65-home scheme outweigh Berkshire landscape harm

An inspector has granted outline permission for up to 65 homes in Berkshire despite harm to the surrounding landscape, after engaging NPPF paragraph 14 in light of the area's housing supply shortfall.

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150 homes blocked despite housing supply of less than one year

An inspector has blocked an amended scheme for 150 homes in Romford because of unacceptable private amenity space provision, despite the council's housing supply of 'as little as 0.85 years'.

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‘Burdensome’ obligations relaxed for next phase of Bicester 'eco-town'

Plans to develop 14 hectares of land in Oxfordshire as part of the Bicester 'eco-town' project will go ahead with partially relaxed planning obligations, after an inspector agreed that they were too 'burdensome' .

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Inquiry 'not a dry run' for local plan examination, rules inspector

An inspector has granted permission for 65 homes in Devon in light of an indeterminate housing supply shortfall, ruling that inquiry time must not be used as a 'dry run' for an upcoming examination of the emerging local plan.

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Bus depot bedsits for drivers would have 'no natural ventilation'

Plans to convert an empty West Midlands office building into bedsits for employees of an adjacent bus depot have been refused, after an inspector found that noise and pollution from the buses would create unacceptable living conditions.

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