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Appeals round-up: Dementia unit's benefits outweigh harm; home refused on nutrient neutrality grounds

Words: Matt Moody

A round-up of planning appeals: 21 November-27 November, 2020

Dementia unit's benefits outweigh listed care home harm

Plans by a care home to build a specialist dementia care unit in its grounds can go ahead after an inspector decided that the public benefits of the scheme outweighed any potential harm to the setting of the existing listed building.

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Single home refused on nutrient neutrality grounds

An inspector refused to allow a detached house in Dorset on the grounds that even a single new home could harm the quality of the internationally designated River Avon, citing uncertainty about the appellant’s planned mitigation measures.

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Student halls refused at site allocated for housing

Plans for a seven-storey block of 182 student bedrooms on land in Reading already allocated for regular housing have been blocked because the inspector ruled that the ‘pressing need’ for affordable housing in particular should not be ‘displaced’.

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Existing development does not justify AONB housing scheme

The Diocese of Plymouth’s plan to build 25 homes in the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty have been blocked by an inspector, who found unacceptable landscape harm despite existing development nearby.

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Turbines allowed as wind energy policy deferred to non-existent plan

An inspector has approved plans for two ‘micro turbines’ at a business park near Worcester, after discovering that the local plan had ‘created a lacuna’ by deferring renewable energy policy to a neighbourhood plan that did not yet exist.

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Zinc-clad home would be 'architecturally superior' to its neighbours

An inspector has granted reserved matters approval for an ‘uncompromisingly contemporary’ zinc-clad home in Powys, ruling that there was ‘no value in attempting to replicate’ the area’s existing ‘plain and out-of-date vernacular’.

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180-home scheme would help to fill 'plan-led lacuna'

An inspector has granted outline permission for 180 homes in the Amber Valley, Derbyshire, ruling that the scheme’s impact on traffic in the area would not reach the NPPF threshold of ‘severe’ required for withholding permission.

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