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Appeals round-up: Deliveries to planned fertiliser lagoon would harm road safety; Open windows in ‘stress area’ would harm living conditions

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 11th-17th March 2017

Deliveries to planned fertiliser lagoon would harm road safety

Proposals for a large fertiliser storage lagoon in Hertfordshire have been dismissed owing to a lack of a properly detailed Traffic Management Plan (TMP) necessary to mitigate the effect of increased HGV deliveries.

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Open windows in 'stress area' would harm living conditions

A West London restaurant's plan to install opening windows has been blocked after an inspector ruled noise disruption was already too high in the area.

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No evidence that student HMO would cause antisocial behaviour

Plans to convert a terraced house in Loughborough into a student house of multiple occupation (HMO) have been approved, after an inspector found no evidence to support the council's concern that it would lead to an increase in antisocial behaviour.

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Inspector retrospectively approves ‘inadequate’ plans

An inspector has retrospectively approved a decking and fencing development after it was constructed despite the local council dismissing the plans as inadequate and ‘impossible to understand’.

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Car-only access makes AONB ‘safari tents’ unsustainable

Plans for three ‘safari tents’ to be used as holiday accommodation in the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natutal Beauty (AONB) have been refused because their isolated location would force visitors to rely on private cars.

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Crime prevention’ does not justify 24-hour service station licence

Proposals to permit a service station to open 24 hours a day to stop crime have been dismissed after an inspector found no evidence of crime at the site.

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30 homes approved on former quarry and landfill site

Plans for  30 homes on a former landfill site in Essex have been approved after an inspector ruled that the 40 per cent affordable housing provision included would benefit the area.

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