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Appeals round-up: Crouch Hill station regeneration plan dismissed; Loss of staff accommodation would harm pub's future viability

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 29 August-4 September, 2020

Crouch Hill station regeneration plan dismissed

A mixed-use scheme that would have seen the restoration and conversion of the former ticket hall and stationmaster’s house and a new four-storey building at Crouch Hill station in North London has been rejected following a one-day hearing.

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Loss of staff accommodation would harm pub's future viability

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against the conversion of a west London pub's upper floors from staff accommodation to a private flat, ruling that a smaller trading area limited its ability to become a more viable food-led business.

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Build-to-rent ‘eco-homes’ would be ‘unduly cramped’

An inspector has rejected plans for 17 build-to-rent homes near Canterbury despite the scheme’s ‘sustainability credentials’, criticising its ‘intensive and unduly cramped’ design and layout.

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Historic Birmingham music venue saved from demolition

An inspector has rejected plans to replace Birmingham music venue The Flapper with a block of flats, ruling that the ‘strength and volume’ of objections to the scheme demonstrated the venue’s value to the community ‘beyond market economics’.

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Housing would destroy 'nationally important' archaeology site

Plans for 85 homes in Dorset would fail to preserve three out of four Bronze Age ring ditches identified as 'potentially of national importance' by Historic England, as well as contradicting a newly adopted neighbourhood plan, an inspector has found.

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Enforcement against helicopter operator's night flights upheld

An inspector has rejected a helicopter operator's plea for some flights to be allowed past 9pm despite the appellant's claim that the proposal was 'essential to the survival of the business', ruling that the noise impact on nearby residents would be too harmful.

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Million-crystal Queen sculpture cannot remain for jubilee

An 18-foot sculpture of the queen formed of 999,999 crystals embedded in glass that was installed near Hyde Park in 2018 will not be kept in place for next year's Diamond Jubilee, after an inspector deemed it ‘alien’ and harmful to nearby heritage assets.

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