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Appeals round-up: Council to pay for ignoring language and highways advice; Motorway services allowed after a 25-year conflict

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 9 April-16 April, 2021

Council to pay for ignoring language and highways advice

Plans for 30 homes on brownfield land in Bangor can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, ordering the council to pay costs for unreasonably ignoring its Welsh language unit and highways authority.

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Motorway services allowed after a 25-year conflict

An inspector has approved a new motorway service area to serve the A1(M) in North Yorkshire after considering two potential schemes at a joint inquiry, disappointing a local campaign group that had fought plans to develop the site three times since 1997.

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Adult gaming centre would harm public health

An inspector has rejected plans for an adult gaming centre close to two existing betting shops in North London, ruling that deprivation levels in the area made its population ‘more susceptible to gambling-related harm’.

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Design review panel overruled in para 79 refusal

An inspector has refused plans for an isolated home near Dartmoor National Park despite noting its ‘very good design’, commenting that he ‘struggled to see’ how the scheme was ‘so remarkable or excellent as to reach the very high bar’ of paragraph 79.

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Pub conversion denied following 10-year battle

A community group’s decade-long battle to save a 239-year-old pub from its multimillionaire owner’s plans to convert it has won the backing of an inspector, who found that it could still reopen as a viable business despite having been closed since 2011.

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Children's best interests fail to justify Gypsy caravan site

An inspector has cited local policy conflict in refusing caravan site for two Gypsy families in Hampshire contrary to the best interests of their eight children, commenting that the council was 'taking its obligations towards the Traveller community seriously'.

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Homes approved on employment land after £1.2m marketing failure

An inspector has approved plans for 155 homes on land strategically allocated for employment use since 2006, commenting that ‘the time has come to accept’ that market forces were against the council’s vision.

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