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Appeals round-up: Council must pay costs for refusing suburban recording studio; ‘Greater flexibility’ allowed for £75m Islington scheme

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 12 January-18 January, 2018

Council must pay costs for refusing suburban recording studio

An inspector has ordered a full award of costs against Nottingham City Council after it failed to demonstrate why it had blocked plans to use the ground floor of a detached house as a recording studio against the advice of its environmental officer.

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‘Greater flexibility’ allowed for £75m Islington scheme

An inspector has approved the extension of an existing permission to allow retail as well as business uses for part of a large-scale, mixed-use development in Angel, North London.

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8.8% reduction of Kent ‘green wedge’ for housing deemed unacceptable

Plans to build 140 homes and 70 sheltered housing units on ‘green wedge’ land between Broadstairs and Margate have been refused after an inspector found it would unacceptably alter the character of the landscape.

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32ft garden trapeze would compromise neighbours’ privacy

An inspector has refused plans for a 32ft flying trapeze in a residential garden in Stroud because participants would be able to see into neighbours' gardens.

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Conversion would cause ‘substantial harm’ to listed Plymouth warehouse

Plans to convert a grade-II listed warehouse in Plymouth for retail and residential use have been refused after an inspector decided that the ‘invasive’ scheme would harm the building’s historic significance.

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Conversion of family home to 11-bedroom HMO blocked

Plans to alter a semi-detached four-bedroom home in Surrey to create an 11-bedroom HMO have been refused, after an inspector ruled that the ‘sheer scale of occupation by 11 unrelated people’ would be disruptive to neighbours.

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Council's opposition to 141-home scheme ‘hard to understand’

An inspector has granted outline permission for 141 homes near Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, calling Huntingdonshire District Council’s stance on the accessibility of the site ‘hard to understand’.

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Ministerial statement leads to refusal of 90 homes despite shortfall

An inspector has rejected plans for 90 homes in Aylesbury despite the council’s housing supply shortfall, citing a written ministerial statement on neighbourhood plans that contradicts paragraph 49 of the NPPF.

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Inspector allows 104-home scheme blocked by Javid in 2016

An inspector has approved a resubmitted scheme to build 104 homes in West Sussex that was refused by Sajid Javid in 2016, because of the area's worsening housing supply shortfall.

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240 more homes unjustified in light of 6.67-year supply

An inspector has blocked 240 homes near Stratford-upon-Avon, ruling that allowing further development contrary to local policy in an area with a housing supply of 6.67 years would ‘undermine the whole principle of a plan-led system”.

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Replacement home would be exempt from affordable housing contribution

A proposal to demolish and replace a house in Twickenham should not be subject to an affordable housing contribution because there would be no net housing gain, although it would lead to unacceptable living conditions, ruled an inspector.

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