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Appeals round-up: Council must pay costs for refusing lap-dancing club; Temporary accommodation allowed at stricken alpaca farm

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 1 September-7 September, 2018.

Council must pay costs for refusing lap-dancing club

Wirral Borough Council has been ordered to pay costs after it cited failure to ‘promote a positive image of the area’ by refusing permission for a lap-dancing club, contrary to the advice of its officers.

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Temporary accommodation allowed at stricken alpaca farm

An inspector has granted temporary permission for a mobile home at an alpaca farm to enable closer supervision in light of the herd’s recent ill health, and has awarded costs against the council for disregarding evidence.

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Edinburgh part-time holiday let is ‘material change of use’

A reporter has upheld an enforcement notice against an Edinburgh flat that was let as holiday accommodation for only 44 days in 2017 and 30 days in 2018, ruling that a ‘material change of use’ had occurred.

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Hostel use at vacant student accommodation blocked

A plan to use vacant student accommodation in east London as short-term hostel accommodation has been rejected for conflicting with the local development plan.

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200-home scheme is incompatible with spatial strategy

Plans for 200 homes in Norfolk have been refused for conflict with the local development plan, after an inspector found ‘nothing novel or onerous’ in the requirements of its spatial strategy.

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'Finger-width gap' means conservatory is not extension

An inspector has quashed an enforcement notice against a conservatory after finding that it complied with permitted development rules, despite the council's claim that the appellants had 'sought to brazenly circumvent planning strictures'.

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193 homes allowed next to M61 motorway

Plans for 193 homes near Preston can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, despite findings that noise from the nearby M61 motorway would breach international outdoor noise guidelines.

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Traveller pitch refused despite human rights harm

An inspector has refused permission for a traveller pitch in Norfolk because of its inaccessible location, despite ‘serious interference’ with the human rights of the appellant and his seven-year-old daughter.

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Occupancy condition must remain despite struggle to sell

An inspector has refused to remove a 1996 occupancy condition on a house built to enable supervision of a horticultural nursery in the New Forest, overruling the appellant’s claim that the business is no longer viable.

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