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Appeals round-up: Council drops opposition to 265-home scheme at inquiry; Blackpool cash machine susceptible to ram-raiders

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 22 September-28 September, 2018.

Council drops opposition to 265-home scheme at inquiry

An application to build 205 homes and 60 extra care apartments in Somerset can go ahead, after the council accepted at the inquiry that the scheme would fully accord with its development plan.

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Blackpool cash machine susceptible to ram-raiders

Retrospective permission for an ATM in the window of a Blackpool café has been refused after an inspector ruled that the lack of security bollards would make it susceptible to ram-raids.

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Chipping Norton high street scheme allowed with no affordable housing

An inspector has approved plans to convert a grade-II listed high street shop building in Chipping Norton into flats and build another nine homes to its rear, accepting the appellant’s argument that providing affordable housing would render it unviable.

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Allocation for travelling showpeople precludes 21-flat scheme

An inspector has rejected plans for 21 flats on the edge of an industrial estate in Walsall because the site is allocated to accommodate travelling showpeople in the council’s emerging policy document.

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Community facilities fail to outweigh spatial strategy conflict

A 12-home scheme in Nottinghamshire that would enable several community facilities has been rejected for conflicting with the council's spatial strategy, despite the site’s location next to the village railway station.

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Access concerns halt 500-home Stirling scheme

An inspector has refused plans for 500 homes in Stirling county despite deeming the principle of housing on the site acceptable, citing the appellant’s failure to demonstrate compliance with highway safety policies.

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Brokenshire approves third school on Maidstone campus

The housing secretary has approved plans for a STEM-focused free school in Maidstone, which will share resources with the existing grammar and comprehensive schools as part of a single campus.

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Cornwall retirement housing would not be 'rounding off'

Plans for nine bungalows for people over 55 on the edge of Liskeard, Cornwall, would not represent 'rounding off', an inspector has ruled, notwithstanding the Chief Planning Officer's note on the issue.

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Enforcement notice upheld over fenced-off public land

An inspector has upheld an enforcement notice against a Leicestershire homeowner who fenced off an area of public land in his cul-de-sac and incorporated it into his garden.

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