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Appeals round-up: Costs against appellant for 'evolving' housing scheme through appeal; Need for flood refuge scuppers annex independence plan

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 6 July-12 July, 2019

Costs against appellant for 'evolving' housing scheme through appeals process

An inspector has ordered a developer to pay costs for using the appeals process to "evolve" its application to build 60 homes on brownfield land in Staffordshire instead of submitting a fresh application.

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Need for flood refuge scuppers annex independence plan

An inspector has turned down plans to use an annex ancillary to a two-storey home in Norfolk as a standalone residence, because occupiers of the annex would be at risk from flooding if they could not use the first floor of the main home as a refuge.

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Vinyl record sales do not justify Peckham cocktail bar

An inspector has refused plans to use a vacant retail unit in Peckham as a cocktail bar despite the appellant's plan for an "ancillary" retail offer of vinyl records and cocktail-making equipment, citing harm to the protected retail frontage.

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Flats with no windows allowed under permitted development

An inspector has approved plans to convert an industrial building in Watford into 15 bedsits, seven of which would have no windows, ruling that the scheme met the requirements of the GPDO.

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Brokenshire blocks new motorway services near Doncaster

The housing secretary has cited green belt harm in refusing plans for a new service station off the A1(M) near Doncaster, despite the distance between existing services in the area exceeding Department for Transport guidelines.

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Inspector sets precedent on councils’ self-build provision

An inspector has approved 30 self-build plots on land near Woodville, Derbyshire, citing the council’s failure to demonstrate that the 133 single dwellings it had already approved met the legal definition of self-build and custom housing.

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Online comments undermine motocross appeal

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against the use of a former quarry for unauthorised motocross racing and fishing, citing online comments contradicting the appellant's case that the motocross use was permitted development.

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