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Appeals round-up: Conversion of artists’ workshop to ‘fine dining restaurant’ blocked; 10 HMOs allowed above Smethwick high street

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 9 March-15 March, 2019

Conversion of artists’ workshop to ‘fine dining restaurant’ blocked

An inspector was not impressed by ‘unclear’ plans to convert a warehouse in Hackney currently in use as an artists’ workshop into a ‘fine dining restaurant and chill-out zone’.

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10 HMOs allowed above Smethwick high street

An inspector has approved a developer’s plans to regenerate a high street terrace on the outskirts of Birmingham by converting its upper floor into 10 HMOs – despite an objection from the police.

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Outbuildings are listed and cannot be demolished, rules inspector

An inspector has blocked plans to demolish two outbuildings in the grounds of a grade-II listed house in Ledbury and replace them with an 'oddly contrived' new building comprising two homes.

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13th takeaway would harm vitality but not health

Plans for a takeaway near Chrisp Street Market in Poplar – where eight per cent of units are already takeaways – would harm the vitality of the area, an inspector has ruled, but not the health of children attending a school 350 metres away.

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Local support for green belt nursery is 'very special circumstances'

A horticultural nursery in Berkshire can install a public sales area contrary to green belt regulations, an inspector has ruled, following a five-year legal battle that saw an intervention from Theresa May.

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‘Floating boat shed’ is not a building, rules inspector

An inspector has quashed an enforcement notice against a floating structure used to repair boats near Windsor, ruling that on balance it could not be considered a ‘building’ for planning purposes.

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Retirement developer's affordable housing calculation 'not justified

An inspector has refused plans for 39 retirement living apartments near Exeter, ruling that the appellant's method for calculating how much off-site affordable housing it should provide was not justified.

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Island green belt home's design is 'very special circumstances'

Plans for a replacement home in Somerset deemed 'inappropriate development' under NPPF rules can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, concluding that the 'holistic' proposals amounted to 'very special circumstances'.

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