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Appeals round-up: Conversation at micro pub could disrupt neighbours; Private hospital ‘not an employment use’ despite 150 new jobs

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 4th January-10 January, 2020

Conversation at micro pub could disrupt neighbours

Plans to convert a former bakery and snack bar near Rochdale into a micro pub have been rejected, after an inspector found that the appellant's intention to 'promote conversation' at the premises could disturb neighbours more than the existing use.

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Private hospital ‘not an employment use’ despite 150 new jobs

Plans to convert former council offices in Rhyl into a 61-bed private mental hospital have been rejected after an inspector ruled that the scheme’s ‘primary aim’ would be to provide medical care, not ‘generate jobs and wealth’.

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Solar panels not allowed at historic thatched cottage

An inspector has blocked plans to install solar panels on an extension to a listed 18th century cottage in Cottenham, Cambridge, ruling that the panels would "appear adjoined" to the cottage's thatched roof.

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School parent council rebuffed in Edinburgh 'boatel' appeal

A reporter has dismissed a canal-side school's concerns that plans for five boat hotels would prevent its canoe club from accessing the water, ruling that it would be 'extremely foolish' to disregard the local canal authority's safety advice on the issue.

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Demolished and rebuilt pub can be converted

An historic pub in Battersea that was illegally demolished in 2015 and rebuilt three years later can be converted to use class D2, an inspector has ruled, after he was satisfied that it would still contribute social value to the community.

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Paragraph 79 home falls short of metaphorical concepts

An inspector has blocked plans for a bespoke family home in the Leeds green belt submitted under NPPF paragraph 79, ruling that the scheme's design had failed to capture the three 'architectural metaphors' central to its conception.

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20ft CCTV mast 'intrusive' to neighbour's swimming pool

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a homeowner who installed a 20ft CCTV mast in his rear garden that overlooked his neighbour's outdoor swimming pool and bedroom balcony, calling it 'intrusive and harmful'.

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