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Appeals round-up: Construction hours extended at Suffolk homes site; Inspector backs extension to grade II listed building in Malton

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 28 November-4 December, 2020

Construction hours extended at Suffolk homes site

An appeal has been allowed to modify the times for internal construction works on 40 homes in a Suffolk village after an inspector decided it would not harm the living conditions of neighbours.

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Inspector backs extension to grade II listed building in Malton

Planning permission and listed building consent have been granted to a single-storey lean-to extension on a grade II listed building in a North Yorkshire town after an inspector found it would not harm its appearance.

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Kent homes allowed on highway safety and access grounds

Outline planning permission has been granted for up to 24 homes in a Kent village after an inspector decided there would be no unacceptable impact on highway safety and residents could access local services without using a car.

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Rural office building allowed beyond settlement boundaries

A single-storey office building for a local construction firm has been allowed because of its rural economic and social benefits, despite being beyond settlement boundaries.

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Council failed to inform all parties of enforcement action

An inspector has quashed Barnet Borough Council's enforcement action against the subdivision of a terraced property in Hendon, because it had relied on 'the likelihood of one party informing another' about the action.

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Snooker hall conversion scheme a 'missed opportunity'

Plans to convert a former snooker hall in Manchester into a wedding venue would be a 'missed opportunity' to improve an area 'dominated by open expanses of hardstanding', an inspector has ruled.

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Green wedge scheme not exceptional enough, despite housing shortfall

A 131-home proposal for a ‘green wedge’ in Caerphilly has failed to meet the ‘very exceptional circumstances’ required of such a development even though the area has a serious shortfall in the delivery of housing.

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Demolition ordered for breaches beyond ‘normal construction tolerances’

A developer has been told to demolish two houses built on a sensitive plot in a historic Suffolk village because of small but substantial deviations from plans approved in 2015.

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