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Appeals round-up: Community management of listed pub ‘not viable’; ‘Fluid’ Airbnb accommodation not comparable to guesthouses

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 4 May-10 May, 2019

Community management of listed pub ‘not viable’

An inspector has approved plans for the residential conversion of a listed pub in Essex despite protests from a local community group, ruling that the group’s plans to refurbish and run the pub had not been proved viable.

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‘Fluid’ Airbnb accommodation not comparable to guesthouses

An inspector has refused plans to convert a guesthouse in Bexhill into a flat, commenting that the growth of Airbnb in the town provided a ‘fluid’ supply of tourist accommodation that is ‘not necessarily as predictable’ as traditional guesthouses.

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Green belt plant nursery ‘not previously developed land’

A vacant plant nursery in the Staffordshire green belt cannot be considered previously developed land because its last use was agricultural, an inspector has ruled, refusing housing plans on the site despite the council’s severe homes shortfall.

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Brokenshire blocks previously approved green belt rail interchange

The communities secretary has refused plans for a rail freight interchange on green belt land near Dartford, ruling that an alternative site had emerged since the now-lapsed permission for a similar scheme was granted in 2007.

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Windsor scheme allowed despite ‘poor design practice’

An inspector has approved 217 flats and 16,000 square metres of office space on brownfield land in Windsor, ruling that the scheme’s benefits outweighed its design problems.

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Residents forced to eat in bed in Barnet flats

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a semi-detached home converted into six ‘significantly cramped’ flats that had ‘little separation between sleeping and cooking facilities’.

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Developer’s plan to relocate rounders pitch approved

An inspector has approved plans to build up to 250 homes on a well-used rounders pitch in Bolton, noting the appellant’s plan to relocate and improve the facility.

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