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Appeals round-up: Colchester set for £17m boost as Javid approves retail scheme; Blues Brothers allowed to stay in Bedford conservation area

Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 1-7 August, 2017

Colchester set for £17m boost as Javid approves retail scheme

Sajid Javid has upheld an inspector's decision to approve a mixed use scheme near Stanway, Essex that could add £16.9million to the Colchester economy, ruling that the proposal had passed the sequential test required for large out-of-town retail developments.

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Blues Brothers allowed to stay in Bedford conservation area

An inspector has approved two life-size Blues Brothers statues adorning a nightclub in Bedford Conservation Area, ruling that although the Blues Brothers have no historical association with Bedford, 'there should always be some place for the unexpected’.

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Dementia care unit in business park would create 'onerous' living conditions

A 63-bed dementia care unit proposed for a business park in Cornwall has been blocked despite local need, after an inspector ruled that noise from a nearby roundabout would create 'onerous' living conditions for particularly sensitive future occupants.

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Modular Timpson’s ‘pod’ too small to harm local businesses

An inspector has granted permission for a modular Timpson’s ‘pod’ in a Sainsbury’s car park despite its proximity to Spalding town centre, ruling that its small scale meant it would be unlikely to affect other businesses.

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426-room student halls scheme allowed in business district despite policy conflict

Plans for a 16-storey student accommodation block in Bournemouth’s business district have been approved despite conflict with the local development plan, after an inspector found the office use preferred by the council would be financially unviable.

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Microbrewery in suburban garage ‘not disruptive’ to neighbours

An inspector has granted permission for a microbrewery to continue operating in suburban Nottingham despite objections from neighbours, after technical assessments of noise and odour output returned acceptable results.

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Antisocial behaviour threat dismissed as children’s care home gets go-ahead

A proposal to convert a house in Stockport into a care home for four children has been allowed, after an inspector dismissed the council's concerns relating to increased antisocial behaviour because it failed to present convincing evidence.

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95 homes approved in light of south Oxfordshire’s ‘dire’ housing shortfall

An inspector has granted outline permission for a 95-home scheme near Shiplake, Henley-on-Thames, despite sustained local opposition, as the area’s housing land supply of less than three years rendered its neighbourhood plan out of date.

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Herts zoo refused permission 12 months after opening

A zoo in Ware, Hertfordshire that did not seek planning consent until three months after it opened has been refused permission at appeal, after an inspector ruled that no special circumstances existed to exempt it from green belt rules.

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‘Hazardous substances’ GPDO exception halts 65-flat scheme

Plans to convert an office in Kennington, South London, into 65 flats under GPDO rules cannot go ahead, after an inspector ruled that the building lies within a safety hazard zone and is therefore exempt from permitted development.

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Affordable housing condition removed on 17-home scheme

A 17-home scheme in Reading can go ahead without affordable housing, after the appellants successfully used a 'benchmark approach' to demonstrate that including it would render the scheme unviable compared to existing permissions totalling eight homes.

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