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Appeals round-up: Clark approves plasma gasification facility for Nottinghamshire; Scottish wind farm would harm landmark hill

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 28 May-3 June, 2016

Clark approves plasma gasification facility for Nottinghamshire

Communities secretary Greg Clark has approved the development of a plasma gasification facility, materials recovery facility and energy generation infrastructure for the village of Bilsthorpe as the scheme would help address a district shortfall in energy recovery capacity.

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136 London homes approved despite strong community opposition

A scheme for 136 homes has been approved for the site of a former sports ground in New Eltham, London, despite an “impressive volume of local opposition”.

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Scottish wind farm would harm landmark hill

Vento Lundens Limited has lost an appeal against the decision of Moray Council for the erection of 12 wind turbines at Brown Muir Hill, Scotland, after it was argued that the development would significantly harm this landform and the surrounding landscape.

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Hertfordshire homes would help meet housing need

Communities secretary Greg Clark has backed an inspector’s decision to approve 56 dwellings for Buntingford in Hertfordshire, against a decision by East Hertfordshire District Council.

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145 dwellings would not unsuitably extend village

Taylor Wimpey UK has been given permission to build 145 dwellings, plus allotments and open space, in Alresford, Essex, after an inspector ruled that the proposal would not place an unsustainable burden on existing village infrastructure.

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Removal of permitted development rights approved for railway alterations

A condition allowing Newark and Sherwood District Council to remove permitted development rights from an approved change of use to an operational railway facility in Lowdham, Nottinghamshire, has been approved by an inspector.

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71 homes approved for Edinburgh green belt

Springfield Properties PLC has been granted permission to build 71 homes, including 25 per cent affordable housing, in an area of the green belt in Edinburgh, after a reporter ruled that the development would help to address a “significant deficiency” in housing supply.

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Yorkshire homes would improve derelict appearance of area

Permission has been given for the erection of 30 dwellings in Kellythorpe, Yorkshire, after an inspector said the development would be an improvement on the current “rough, unmanaged” nature of the site.

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Advertisement will not harm Leicester Square

A temporary scaffold shroud advertisement, including an inset digital display board, has been approved for a building in Leicester Square, London, after an inspector concluded that the temporary frontage would not harm the Leicester Square Conservation Area.

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