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Appeals round-up: Claim that subdivision was carried out by mistake is ‘not believable’; Permission to convert burnt-down goat shed refused

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 26 January-1 February, 2019

Claim that subdivision was carried out by mistake is ‘not believable’

An inspector has upheld an enforcement notice against an appellant who argued that a flat in Reading he was developing was divided into two ‘erroneously’, describing the claim as ‘not believable’.

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Permission to convert burnt-down goat shed refused

A goat shed in rural Pembrokeshire that was ‘ravaged’ by fire cannot be extended and converted into holiday accommodation even if restoring it to its previous state is deemed legal, an inspector has ruled.

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Airport noise scuppers recycled reservoir home

A five-bedroom home that would be made of recycled shipping containers cannot be built into a mostly underground former reservoir near Leeds Bradford Airport because noise from the nearby runway would disrupt future occupants.

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‘Crossrail effect’ does not justify 0% affordable housing

The developer behind plans for a 25-storey tower in Ilford cannot ‘put off' a review of its affordable housing contribution until Crossrail has increased house prices in the area, an inspector has ruled.

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300-home Norwich scheme approved with woodland upkeep covenant

Plans to build 300 homes on a forestry plantation near Norwich that would see 85 per cent of the site converted to an ‘ecologically driven community woodland’ can go ahead, subject to an upkeep covenant for future residents.

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Lack of church means settlement fails green belt test

An inspector has rejected four homes proposed as ‘village infilling’ in a small settlement in the Staffordshire green belt, ruling that it could not be considered a village because it did not have a church.

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Resurfaced emails to council sink illegal flats appeal

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against four flats in Islington, after the council produced evidence of emails the appellant sent in 2014 that contradicted his defence.

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