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Appeals round-up: Better rugby facilities do not outweigh loss to cricket; Bungalow would have no greater green belt impact than polytunnel

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 13 Februrary-19 February, 2021

Better rugby facilities do not outweigh loss to cricket

Plans to replace a cricket pitch in Sevenoaks with an enclosed artificial pitch have been rejected by an inspector, who agreed with Sport England’s view that better facilities for rugby did not justify the loss to cricket that would arise.

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Bungalow would have no greater green belt impact than polytunnel

A polytunnel in the green belt that was previously legally certified as a building by the local council can be replaced with a single-storey home, an inspector ruled, noting that the home proposed would ‘mimic the polytunnel’s characteristics’.

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Airbnb shipping container harms heritage

An inspector has refused retrospective consent for a 12-metre shipping container installed next to a listed bed-and-breakfast business in Sleaford, ruling that pollution-eating moss cladding and a roof garden would not hide its fundamentally industrial appearance.

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Jenrick blocks housing after predecessor’s approval quashed

Plans first submitted in 2014 to build 50 homes in East Sussex have been rejected by communities secretary Robert Jenrick after his predecessor’s decision to grant permission was quashed by the High Court following a Conservative peer’s challenge.

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University’s fundraising housing scheme allowed in green barrier

One of nine applications submitted by Wrexham Glyndwr University to ‘address its depleted cash reserves’ and fund campus improvements has been allowed by an inspector, who identified ‘very exceptional circumstances’.

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Saved policy from 1995 plan cannot prevent 260-home scheme

An inspector has approved 260 homes at Desborough, Northamptonshire, deciding that although the town’s housing requirement had already been ‘considerably exceeded’, the scheme would not challenge Kettering’s status as the borough’s ‘growth town’.

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‘Ingenious’ transformable beach hut turned down

Despite praising its ‘ingenious’ design, an inspector has refused plans for a replacement beach hut featuring an openable roof on the Llŷn Peninsula, ruling that it would not ‘respect the surrounding built environment’ when open.

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