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Appeals round-up: Back-garden skate ramp would disturb relatives next door; Modular beauty pod allowed despite vacant shop units

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 6 May-12 June, 2020

Back-garden skate ramp would disturb relatives next door

An inspector has cited disturbance of a neighbour in refusing retrospective consent for a skate ramp in the back garden of a Devon home, despite the occupants of both properties being related.

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Modular beauty pod allowed despite vacant shop units

A prefabricated retail ‘pod’ housing a barbershop and beauty salon in Harlow town centre has received retrospective permission after an inspector decided that it contributed to the vitality of the shopping area.

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Garden 'BBQ hut' retrospectively approved

An inspector has approved plans for a timber hut with built in barbecue in the rear garden of a Weymouth home, ruling that its effects would be no worse than those caused by a garden party or normal outdoor barbecue.

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Costs against council after blocking homes despite 7.43-year supply

An inspector has granted permission for 20 homes on the edge of a Devon village despite conflict with one existing and two emerging plans – and has ordered the council to pay partial costs.

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Conversion of pub’s living quarters incurs off-site levy

A plan to convert a pub’s living quarters into a self-contained flat that would have zero build cost but would increase the property's value by £18,000 should incur an affordable housing contribution, an inspector ruled.

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Tree concerns scupper subterranean Yorkshire eco-home

Plans for an underground eco-home in the grounds of a 19th century house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales have been refused by an inspector, who expressed doubts over potential harm to nearby trees.

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Parking at rural business centre not justified in green belt

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a rural business centre’s overflow car park, ruling that better management of the site could provide additional parking that would not harm the green belt.

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