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Appeals round-up: Award-winning gym fails sequential test; Vacant unit preferred to takeaway in Luton

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 31 March-6 April, 2018

Award-winning gym fails sequential test

Retrospective permission for a gym on a business park near Liverpool has been refused despite its ‘considerable benefits’, after the appellant failed to demonstrate that ‘sequentially preferable’ alternative sites were not suitable.

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Vacant unit preferred to takeaway in Luton

An inspector has refused permission to convert a vacant former grocery and butcher’s shop in Luton into a restaurant and takeaway because it would harm the vitality of the rest of the shopping parade.

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Gas-fired power plant would be ‘renewable-associated infrastructure’

An inspector has approved an 8 megawatt gas-fired ‘peaking’ power plant in Cumbria, finding that its role in balancing the intermittent power supply from renewable energy sources meant it could be considered ‘renewable-associated infrastructure’.

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‘Dominant’ extension would harm Clerkenwell conservation area

A planned extension to a townhouse that fronts onto the historic Clerkenwell Green in central London would ‘dominate’ the surrounding conservation area, an inspector has ruled.

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Green belt home restoration would be 'tantamount to a rebuild'

The extensive works required to restore a dilapidated green belt building last used as a home in 1945 would be 'tantamount to a rebuild' and therefore inappropriate green belt development, an inspector has ruled.

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Swansea private healthcare complex ‘could prejudice emerging plan’

An inspector has refused outline permission to build a private healthcare complex with more than 300 beds on undeveloped land next to an existing hospital in Swansea.

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Javid overrules three inspectors to block 353 homes in Waverley

The housing secretary has dismissed recommendations to allow three housing schemes near Farnham, Surrey, for a total of 353 homes, refusing each for conflict with the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan.

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Independent living would not be the 'reality' of extra care facility

An inspector has approved plans for 72 extra care units on the edge of Buckingham, ruling that the scheme would be policy-compliant because the units would not offer truly independent living despite being 'self-contained'.

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‘Hotchpotch’ housing scheme in active business park deemed unacceptable

A 117-home scheme in Leatherhead that sought ‘merely to fill in plots of land scattered across an active business park’ has been refused for ‘severe design failings’.

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