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Appeals round-up: Art Deco student halls would ‘dominate’ Southampton street; Unacceptable traffic levels from home-based hair salon

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 23 March-29 March, 2019

Art Deco student halls would ‘dominate’ Southampton street

An inspector has dismissed plans to replace a former Blockbuster video store with a five-storey student accommodation block, ruling that the building's Art Deco design elements did not outweigh its ‘dominant’ form.

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Unacceptable traffic levels from home-based hair salon

An average of 8.3 daily ‘vehicle movements’ caused by a home-based hairdressing business would be ‘readily discernible’ to neighbours, an inspector has ruled, refusing permission despite the appellant’s personal circumstances.

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‘Supported living centre’ would provide poor living conditions

Plans to convert a police station in Birmingham into a ‘supported living centre’ for vulnerable people would provide inadequate amenity space and poor levels of natural light, an inspector has ruled.

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Residential reservoir conversion would harm openness

Plans to convert a disused reservoir in Derbyshire into a a six-bedroom home with a glazed roof have been blocked after an inspector found unacceptable harm to green belt openness.

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Caravan couple evicted after 10-year barn restoration delay

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a couple living in a static caravan while restoring a listed barn in Gloucestershire, finding that they had made little progress on the works since moving in almost a decade ago.

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East Cambridgeshire housing rejected at double inquiry

An inspector has dismissed two plans for housing near Burwell, East Cambridgeshire, despite acknowledging that the council's measures to address its housing supply shortfall were reliant on its now-withdrawn emerging plan.

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Council must pay costs for ‘rigid adherence to policy’

Croydon Borough Council ‘failed to apply a pragmatic and common-sense approach' in refusing plans to convert a redundant dental surgery into offices, an inspector has found.

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Gatwick runway land safeguarded despite national policy change

An inspector has blocked plans for three homes on land safeguarded for a future expansion of Gatwick Airport, despite the government having identified Heathrow as its preferred location for a new runway in 2016.

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