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Appeals round-up: Affordable-only scheme blocked in green belt area with housing shortfall; Housing need outweighs local support for green gap

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 12 June-16 June, 2017

Affordable-only scheme blocked in green belt area with housing shortfall

An inspector has blocked proposals for 35 affordable homes in the Wirral green belt despite a housing supply as low as two years, citing the Planning Practice Guidance statement that ‘unmet need is unlikely to outweigh harm to the green belt’.

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Housing need outweighs local support for green gap

An inspector has granted outline permission for a 26-home scheme near Bassingbourn, south Cambridgeshire, ruling that the benefit of new houses in an area with a ‘chronic and severe shortage’ outweighed the partial loss of the village’s ‘green gap’.

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Permitted barn annex ‘highly unlikely’ to become separate home

A barn in the grounds of a cottage in Maldon can be converted into an annex for the appellant's unwell parents, because it would be ‘highly unlikely’ to ever become a separate dwelling.

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Acoustic fence condition for auction house’s conversion to industrial use

An inspector has allowed the conversion of a former auction house to industrial use, ruling that the scheme’s public benefits would outweigh harm to neighbours’ living conditions as long as the appellant incorporated an acoustic screen.

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146 homes allowed in Willaston in wake of Supreme Court ruling

An inspector has approved plans for 146 homes near Willaston, Cheshire, nearly four years after the scheme was proposed, following a Supreme Court ruling clarifying what is meant by paragraphs 14 and 49 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

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Loss of social housing halts 17-storey Kensington scheme

An inspector has blocked plans to replace a ‘shabby and tired’ 1960s building at Notting Hill Gate with a 17-storey mixed-use tower and associated buildings, ruling that the proposed total loss of social housing was not necessary to make the scheme viable.

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Extra care housing provides only ‘illusion’ of independent living

An inspector has ruled that a proposed assisted living scheme in Cranbrook, Kent, would offer only ‘the illusion of independent living’, and should therefore fall under Class C2 (residential institution), for which no affordable housing contribution is required.

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400-home scheme allowed east of Middlesbrough

An inspector has granted outline permission for a 400-home scheme on land south-east of Middlesbrough, overruling the local authority’s development plan after finding a housing land supply shortfall in the area.

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'Modest' housing shortfall does not automatically negate local policy

Permission for 27 homes near Potton, Bedfordshire, has been refused, after an inspector ruled that the need to make up the area's ‘modest’ housing shortfall should not ‘automatically’ outweigh harm to its landscape.

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