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Appeals round-up: Affordability does not justify 'wholly inadequate’ basement flat; Lack of rent cap guarantee halts Croydon student flats

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 2 September-6 September, 2019

Affordability does not justify 'wholly inadequate’ basement flat

An inspector has rejected claims that a ‘very small’ basement flat would ‘provide accommodation to people who could not otherwise afford housing’, saying that the planning system must ‘provide an appropriate standard of housing’.

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Lack of rent cap guarantee halts Croydon student flats

An inspector has blocked plans to convert a listed high street building in Croydon into student accommodation, after the appellant failed to produce a legal agreement that would secure a rent cap for future occupants.

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Notice against Thames island building quashed

An inspector has quashed enforcement action against temporary on-land accommodation for a historic barge on an island in the River Thames, rejecting the council’s concerns about flooding.

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Lancashire retirement village would be an ‘isolated enclave’

Plans for a retirement village north of Preston that would accommodate more than 200 over-55s have been rejected, after an inspector found that residents would have ‘limited opportunities for integration with the wider community’.

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Private dance studio deemed strictly ‘modest ancillary building’

An inspector has approved plans for a 488 square-metre dance studio with a full-sized ballroom in the High Weald AONB, ruling that it would appear ‘modest’ within the 75,000sq m curtilage of the appellants’ listed 18th century manor house.

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Farmhouse occupied by farmer’s elderly mother is not ‘available’

An inspector has approved plans for a rural worker’s dwelling on a farm in North Lincolnshire, ruling that it would be ‘unreasonable’ to ask the appellant's 84-year old mother to vacate the existing farmhouse.

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Holiday cabins not for ‘genuine outdoor activities’

An inspector has refused plans for four holiday cabins in the Somerset green belt, ruling that they were more likely to be used by Bristol Airport passengers than those ‘interested in genuine outdoor recreation’.

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