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Appeals round-up: Additional pub could make evening activity ‘bubble over’; Replacement footpath stile would not improve AONB accessibility

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 6 January-11 January, 2019

Additional pub could make evening activity ‘bubble over’ into crime

Plans to convert a vacant former supermarket in Worcester city centre into a pub have been blocked, after an inspector ruled that its combination with existing businesses could cause evening activity to lead to crime and disorder.

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Replacement footpath stile would not improve AONB accessibility

A barn conversion that would necessitate the replacement of a stile providing access to a public footpath in Cornwall has been blocked, because it failed a local policy requirement to 'improve accessibility for all'.

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Holiday cabins refused at Warwickshire fishery

An inspector has refused permission for two holiday cabins to provide overnight accommodation at a popular fishery because of harm to green belt openness – despite agreeing that they would be ‘an appropriate facility for outdoor recreation’.

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‘No evidence whatsoever’ of homeless guest house use

An inspector has upheld an enforcement notice issued over the conversion of a property in Southampton into self-contained flats, finding ‘no evidence whatsoever’ of the extant use professed by the appellant as a guest house for homeless people.

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Retirement flats ‘not adaptable to climate change’

The south-facing orientation and single-aspect design of a proposed retirement complex could put its elderly residents at risk of uncomfortably high temperatures as a result of solar gain, an inspector has ruled.

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Romford scheme would not be ‘profligate’ use of brownfield site

An inspector has approved plans for the residential-led redevelopment of a brownfield site in Romford, despite acknowledging that eight of the apartments would have a ‘particularly gloomy’ outlook.

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Green belt home blocked despite design board support

A home described as 'exceptional' by an independent design review body cannot be built on previously developed land in west Yorkshire, after an inspector found that the scheme's harm to green belt openness carried decisive weight.

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Private need for affordable home not covered by green belt exception

An inspector has turned down plans to build a home in the Warwickshire green belt for the appellant's personal reasons, ruling that it could not be considered affordable housing under NPPF paragraph 145(f) because it would not meet a ‘community need’.

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