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Appeals round-up: 70-home scheme approved despite noisy neighbours; Underground extension still inappropriate in green belt

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 2 May-5 May, 2017

70-home scheme approved despite noisy neighbours

A proposal to demolish a semi-derelict warehouse and build 70 homes near Bicester Village shopping centre in Oxfordshire has been allowed, after an inspector determined that noise from surrounding industry and a main road could be acceptably mitigated.

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Underground extension still inappropriate in green belt

A plan to convert a former reservoir pump house into a home in the Buckinghamshire green belt has been blocked after an inspector ruled that it would unacceptably enlarge the building, even though most of the extension would be underground and not directly visible.

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18-home ‘Georgian square’-style scheme would not complement surroundings

Plans to build 13 houses and five apartments in a traditional Georgian style in Hampshire have been refused after an inspector ruled that despite being of a high standard, the scheme's design would be incongruent with the village's existing housing stock.

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Green belt stables plan not proportionate to needs

A plan to construct a stables in an isolated green belt location near Oldham has been refused after an inspector was not persuaded that its size was necessary for what is required to keep horses.

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Flats approved in Barnet after application amendment

An amended proposal to demolish a non-designated heritage asset and construct a block of eight flats in Barnet has been allowed after the original scheme comprising nine flats was deemed harmful to the character of the area.

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House with ‘buried’ design would not provide acceptable living conditions

A proposal for an unusual house designed to be ‘buried’ under landscaping in Buckinghamshire has been blocked, after an inspector ruled that poor outlook and lack of natural light would make living conditions in the house unacceptable.

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Chapel conversion allowed despite risk to 175-year-old tree

An inspector has allowed plans to convert a historically significant former chapel in Oxfordshire into a home, despite concerns that it would lead to pressure to allow harmful pruning of the protected horse chestnut tree that hangs over it.

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