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Appeals round-up: 64-home scheme will see double housing allocation built; Enforcement order to remove second kitchen quashed

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 8 September-14 September, 2018.

64-home scheme will see double housing allocation built

A housing scheme that would bring the total number of homes planned in Heacham, Norfolk, to double the number allocated in the local development plan can go ahead, an inspector has ruled.

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Enforcement order to remove second kitchen quashed

An inspector has quashed an enforcement order to remove a second kitchen in the extension of a house in Hayes after concluding that it was not being used as a separate residential unit, despite it having its own access door and satellite dish.

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Green belt infill home allowed following Court of Appeal ruling

An inspector has approved plans for a new home in the green belt near Solihull, following a 2015 court ruling that a ‘commonsense’ approach should be taken regarding the physical extent of villages.

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Rope-climbing fitness equipment would impact neighbours' privacy

People using a Flintshire personal trainer's outdoor rope-climbing apparatus would be able to see into neighbouring gardens, causing unacceptable loss of privacy, an inspector has ruled.

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Whiteley Village expansion blocked despite ‘urgent need’

An inspector has rejected plans for 60 new almshouses and a 40-unit care home at an Edwardian retirement village in Surrey, despite the 'urgent and growing' local need for accommodation for the elderly.

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Inspector rejects viability report on 17-storey residential scheme

An inspector has refused plans for 305 apartments in Hemel Hempstead for inadequate affordable housing provision, citing concerns with the level of detail in the appellant’s viability assessment.

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Change of use would not support Hatton Garden jewellery trade

An inspector has refused to remove a condition preventing the change of use of a jewellery workshop in Hatton Garden, London, dismissing the appellant’s ‘pessimistic view’ that the jewellery trade associated with the area is in decline.

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Dartmoor home would ‘fall far short’ of NPPF paragraph 79 design bar

Plans for a new home in Dartmoor National Park would ‘fall far short of the high bar’ for design required by paragraph 79 of the revised NPPF, an inspector has ruled, calling an independent design review panel’s comments on the scheme ‘extraordinary’.

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