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Appeals round-up: 500sqm home gym would not be 'incidental' to house; Precautionary approach preferred over access to traveller site

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 29 May-4 June, 2021

500sqm home gym would not be 'incidental' to house

An inspector has refused to grant a certificate of lawful use for a back garden gym that would boast a running track, boxing ring and more facilities, ruling that the building would not be 'incidental' to the main home and therefore was not permitted development.

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Precautionary approach preferred over access to traveller site

Plans to expand a traveller site in Wychavon by doubling the number of pitches there have been blocked by an inspector, who dismissed concerns that the site would 'dominate the settled community' but took a 'precautionary approach' to access matters.

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Garage floristry workshop plan would ‘disrupt’ neighbours

Retrospective permission for the use of a domestic garage as a florist’s workshop has been refused by an inspector, who found that comings and goings by couriers would unacceptably disrupt neighbours.

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Evidence 'overwhelmingly in favour' of Stansted expansion

A panel of three inspectors has approved plans to expand Stansted Airport's annual capacity by eight million passengers and ordered the council to pay costs, commenting that 'carbon emissions are predominantly a matter for national government'.

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Major Hounslow co-living scheme wins inspector's approval

Plans for a 15-storey building in Hounslow town centre offering 248 co-living units targeted at young people can go ahead following a virtual inquiry, after an inspector praised the design's 'visual interest and distinctiveness'.

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Affordable scheme would undermine urban extension

A plan for 27 affordable homes south of Worcester has been denied by an inspector, who found that it would 'fundamentally undermine' the council's allocation of a 2,600 home urban extension to Worcester and its requirement for a green space buffer.

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Retirement village's benefits outweigh countryside intrusion

Plans for a retirement village in Horsham offering 146 'continuing care' apartments and various community facilities can go ahead, after an inspector ruled that the scheme's benefits outweighed its harm to the countryside.

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