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Appeals round-up: 425-bed student block would have ‘oppressive relationship’ with existing buildings; 85-home scheme allowed after High Court quashes previous ruling

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 8 May-12 May, 2017

Takeaway allowed despite breaching local policy threshold of 33%

An inspector has granted permission for a retail unit in Wigan to be converted to a hot food takeaway, ruling that increasing the number of takeaways in the area to 37 per cent would not harm the vitality of the area and would be preferable to leaving units vacant.

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Proposal to build 47-home scheme around 19th century dairy building refused

An inspector has rejected plans to build 47 homes centred on a historic former dairy building in Essex, ruling that the development would be out of character with the ‘relatively open’ surrounding landscape.

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Medical centre's car park would disrupt neighbours

An inspector has blocked plans to convert a detached bungalow into a private medical centre in a residential area near St Albans, after finding that the proposed rear car park was of unsafe design and would disrupt neighbours in their gardens.

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74-home scheme would have ‘negligible impact’ on air quality and ecology

An inspector has granted permission for 74 homes near Knaresborough in North Yorkshire despite ‘deep-rooted’ opposition from local residents, after ruling that the scheme’s impact on local air quality and protected species would be negligible.

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Plan to replace Redhill warehouses with apartment blocks approved

An inspector has allowed plans to demolish four warehouses occupied by various businesses and replace them with four residential blocks containing 48 apartments after finding the proposal would not harm the area’s character.

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Public benefits of 29-home scheme outweigh harm to conservation area

An inspector has allowed plans for 29 homes to be built near the village of Gamlingay, south of St Neots, after deciding that despite some harm to the setting of a nearby conservation area, the public benefits of the scheme meant it should go ahead.

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‘Grasscrete’ car park for nursing home allowed in ‘green wedge’

An inspector has approved a 50-vehicle car park at a care home near Swansea, ruling that although the car park’s ‘grasscrete’ material would not mitigate its harm to the green wedge, the urgent need for more parking constituted “very special circumstances”.

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