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Appeals round-up: 400 homes approved for land near listed Kedleston Hall; Llanidloes turbines approved despite impacts on heritage and homes

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 20 August-24 August, 2016

400 homes approved for land near listed Kedleston Hall

Catesby Estates Ltd has been permitted to build 400 homes and associated works on land near the grade I listed Kedleston Hall in Allestree, Derby, after an inspector judged that the scheme’s impact upon the heritage asset would be negligible.

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Llanidloes turbines approved despite impacts on heritage and homes

Six wind turbines have been approved for a site north of Llangurig and west of Llanidloes in Powys, after an inspector deemed that the scheme’s contribution to renewable energy aims outweighed its minor impact on heritage assets and residential and landscape amenity.

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Kent bookshop fails sequential test

An inspector has refused permission for the change of use of a residence to a bookshop in Broadstairs, Kent, after finding that the need for the proposal’s location outside of a core commercial centre had not been proved.

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150 homes approved for safeguarded land in Ormskirk

A full application for 50 homes and an outline application for 100 homes have been given the green light for safeguarded land removed from the green belt in Aughton, Ormskirk, despite the inspector finding that the proposal failed to meet the requirements of specific policy triggers in the recently adopted West Lancashire Local Plan.

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156 homes approved in Leeds by inspector

Plans for 156 homes in Kippax, Leeds, have been approved after an inspector concluded that they would result in a “significant boost” to housing supply in the area.

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Bideford homes approved despite landscape and biodiversity concerns

Two hundred homes have been approved for Bideford in Devon after an inspector concluded that the ‘serious’ level of housing need in the area outweighed issues of local landscape impact and loss of biodiversity.

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Former reservoir development would not harm green belt

United Utilities Property Services has been granted permission to demolish an existing redundant reservoir structure and erect three houses in Hartford, after judging that the scheme would not constitute inappropriate development for the green belt.

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Infill development approved for Isham

Sixteen homes have been approved at Isham, Northamptonshire, after an inspector ruled that existing planning approval on the site meant that the scheme could be considered small-scale infill development in line with the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy.

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Solar farm energy benefits outweigh scenic concerns

Big60Million Ltd has been granted permission for a 3.036 megawatt solar farm in Milborne Port, Somerset, after an inspector ruled that the renewable energy benefits of the scheme outweighed South Somerset’s District Council’s concerns about its impact on rural views.

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