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Appeals round-up: 400-home scheme would not preclude road development; Green belt home would not meet ‘high bar' of paragraph 55

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 20 November-26 November, 2017

400-home scheme would not preclude road development

An inspector has granted outline permission for 400 homes on land south of Grimsby, finding that the scheme would not ‘close down all options’ for a new link road between the A46 and A16.

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Green belt home would not meet ‘high bar' of paragraph 55

Plans to build an innovative zero-carbon home on previously developed green belt land near Hatfield will not go ahead, after an inspector ruled the scheme's design failed to meet the ‘high bar’ required by NPPF paragraph 55.

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Radhasoami midnight prayer meetings would disrupt neighbours

Plans to create a permanent home for an Indian religious group by extending a converted Victorian house in South London have been refused because no compromise could be reached regarding the group’s Saturday midnight prayer meetings.

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No permission for swim school on Essex industrial estate

An inspector has refused plans to convert an industrial unit into a swim school for children because of unsafe parking arrangements and a conflict with local employment land policy.

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South-west London houses will make way for Lidl car park expansion

An inspector has allowed plans to demolish two family-sized homes in Chessington to expand a supermarket car park despite conflict with the London Plan, ruling that the loss would be negligible.

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‘Unparalleled circumstances’ lead to consent for poorly located 70-home scheme

An inspector has approved a 70-home scheme in Leicestershire despite its ‘less than ideal’ location  because it would bring the ‘unique benefit’ of raising £2.1m of funding to save a highly valued local theatre from closure.

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Applying development plan ‘with full rigour’ could worsen housing deficit

Outline permission for 235 homes and a primary school in Nottinghamshire has been granted despite conflict with the local core strategy, after an inspector warned that applying the development plan ‘with full rigour’ could worsen the area’s housing deficit.

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Unlawful basement alterations led to ‘vast restaurant complex’ in Islington

Permission has been refused for three Islington restaurants to operate lawfully as separate businesses after unlawful basement alterations created a ‘vast restaurant complex’ because they would still be large enough to cause noise disruption.

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Housing policies upheld despite revoked regional plan

An inspector has refused plans for 51 homes in a Bedfordshire quarry because of harm to the landscape, upholding the council's housing policies even though they were based on housing need figures in a plan revoked in 2013.

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