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Appeals round-up: 379 homes approved in Ireland despite campaign; ‘Sharing with neighbours’ does not justify South Downs nature lookout

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 18th-24th March 2017

379 homes approved in Ireland despite campaign

An inspector has backed a local council's decision to build 379 homes, a crèche and medical centre in County Meath, despite a number of submissions from concerned local residents opposing the development.

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‘Sharing with neighbours’ does not justify South Downs nature lookout

Plans to build a small timber outbuilding for observing wildlife have been refused despite the appellant’s offer to ‘share with the neighbours’, after an inspector found no mechanism to guarantee community use.

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Unilateral Undertaking addresses 350-home development issues

An inspector has given outline permission for a 350-home development near Braintree, after a Unilateral Undertaking (UU) submitted by the appellant addressed various concerns surrounding it.

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Solar farm would harm special qualities of AONB

Plans for a 4.9MW solar farm on the Somerset Levels have been rejected after an inspector ruled that the development would harm views north of Mendip Hills, one of the AONB’s ‘special qualities’.

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128-home scheme approved despite reliance on car use

Outline permission for a development west of Newcastle-under-Lyme has been granted, despite the fact that residents would be largely reliant on their cars.

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Two extra storeys allowed for triple tower development

An inspector has allowed an appeal for two extra storeys to be added to plans for a three-tower development on Edgware Road, London.

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Inspector is unable to enforce affordable housing provision

An inspector has rejected plans for 16 houses in Lincolnshire despite local need for them, after finding no mechanism to guarantee affordable housing provision for the development.

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Executive homes permitted on former playing fields near AONB

Plans to build 12 ‘executive dwellings’ on former playing fields have been allowed after the inspector determined that the development would not harm the setting of the nearby Lincolnshire Wolds AONB.

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