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Appeals round-up: ‘Well-judged’ flat-roof home allowed on Isle of Skye; Finances do not justify removal of occupancy condition

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 28 July-3 August, 2018.

‘Well-judged’ flat-roof home allowed on Isle of Skye

An inspector has approved a new home on the Isle of Skye despite local objections to its flat-roofed design, ruling that it would not ‘compete or clash’ with the area’s existing character.

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Finances do not justify removal of occupancy condition

An inspector has rejected an appellant’s claim that an occupancy condition attached to a 2014 permission for a dwelling at their stud farm should be removed, because it has prevented them from raising finance to build the dwelling.

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Outdoor space unsatisfactory for supported living flats

Plans for six ‘supported living’ flats in Newport have been rejected after an inspector found that the proposed outdoor amenity space would be unsatisfactory for the maximum number of occupants.

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Recessed doorway not intrinsic to conservation area

An inspector has approved plans to replace a traditional shop frontage in Richmond, ruling that its recessed doorway is not intrinsic to the visual quality of the surrounding conservation area.

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No justification for 70-home Stirling green belt scheme

A Scottish reporter found no material considerations to justify a 70-home scheme on green belt land near Strathblane.

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175-home scheme's ‘bland’ design conflicts with NPPF

Plans for 175 homes in Worcestershire have been refused, after an inspector sympathised with local people who described the design as ‘mundane, monotonous and mediocre’.

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Affordable housing requirement upheld for neighbouring schemes

A 14-flat scheme in High Wycombe must include an affordable housing contribution despite being just below the 15-unit threshold, an inspector has ruled, because it forms a 'single developable area' with a similar neighbouring scheme.

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135-home scheme would not harm Forth & Clyde canal

An inspector has approved a housing scheme comprising townhouses and four-storey blocks on the edge of Glasgow, finding no harm to the setting of the protected canal that runs alongside the site.

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Extended hours at 166-year old cricket club would disrupt new homes

An inspector has issued a split decision on an appeal by Darlington Cricket Club to extend the permitted use times of its all-weather practice nets, in light of complaints from the owners of newly built homes nearby.

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