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Appeals round-up: ‘Unacceptably cramped’ bedsits vetoed despite DASH compliance; 77-flat tower block allowed despite conservation area harm

Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 19 September-25 September, 2017

‘Unacceptably cramped’ bedsits vetoed despite DASH compliance

An inspector has turned down plans to convert a terraced house in Derbyshire into six bedsits and a studio flat. He found that although the scheme would meet minimum local housing standards, it would still be ‘unduly cramped and oppressive’.

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77-flat tower block allowed despite conservation area harm

Plans for a nine-storey block of flats in Edmonton Green, North London, have been allowed after an inspector ruled that the scheme’s benefits would outweigh harm to the setting of the nearby Crescent conservation area.

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Incorporating part of allotment into garden would harm green belt openness

An inspector has refused plans to convert a patch of undeveloped allotment land into private garden space because it would harm green belt openness, despite a similar proposal having been granted for the appellant’s neighbour.

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Unsecured planning obligation stalls extra care bungalows

Plans to build 23 ‘extra care’ bungalows near Stratford-upon-Avon have been blocked after an inspector found no acceptable mechanism to secure a planning obligation for replacement open space, affordable housing, and care packages for future occupants.

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Selly Oak restaurant adds to ‘unattractive’ daytime frontage

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a burger restaurant and takeaway in Selly Oak, ruling that it would add to the ‘very unattractive appearance’ of the street during the day when takeaways are generally closed.

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Kennels’ residential conversion would enhance site’s character

Plans to convert a dilapidated former dog kennels into a bungalow have been allowed despite their inaccessible location, after an inspector decided that the works would enhance the site’s character.

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Council must pay costs for unreasonably refusing 285-home scheme

An inspector ordered Northumberland County Council to pay costs for causing an unnecessary appeal by withholding permission for 285 homes in Northumberland, calling its approach to NPPF paragraph 14 ‘wrong and unreasonable’.

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Javid blocks 50% affordable scheme to protect conservation area

Communities secretary Sajid Javid has turned down a 50 per cent affordable scheme of 92 homes in Gloucestershire, ruling that the public benefits of the proposal were outweighed by harm caused to the Fairford conservation area.

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Room with ‘sleeping deck’ in loft space is ‘not a studio flat’

An inspector has refused plans in east London for a single room with a mezzanine ‘sleeping deck’ in the loft space above, ruling that it would not constitute a studio flat and would therefore not meet London Plan floor space standards.

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233 student flats allowed near Canterbury World Heritage Site

Plans to replace a former dairy depot in Canterbury with 233 purpose-built student accommodation units have been approved, after an inspector ruled the scheme's public benefits would outweigh any impact on local heritage.

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