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Appeals round-up: ‘Transfer of permission’ for worker’s home at educational farm refused; ‘Pressing need’ justifies 140-home plan in rural Cambridgeshire

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 3 July-7 July, 2017

‘Transfer of permission’ for worker’s home at educational farm refused

Plans to transfer planning permission from an existing barn to a new worker’s dwelling at an educational farm project in Dorset have been blocked, after an inspector ruled there was no legal mechanism that could prevent the appellant going ahead with both schemes if he allowed the appeal.

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‘Pressing need’ justifies 140-home plan in rural Cambridgeshire

An inspector has granted permission for 140 homes in rural south Cambridgeshire, ruling that in the context of a chronic and worsening housing supply shortfall in the area ‘rigidly applying local settlement hierarchy policy’ would not be appropriate.

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Loss of pub would leave Essex neighbourhood with ‘noticeable void’

An inspector has refused permission to convert an Essex pub into 15 one-bed flats, ruling that the pub serves as an important community facility and rejecting claims that it is no longer viable or valued.

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Supermarket plan would not sap vitality of Somerset village

An inspector has granted permission for a large mixed-use scheme including a 2,300sq m supermarket in Williton, near Taunton, ruling that rather than harming the vitality of the village as the council had argued, it would in fact promote its self-containment.

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Visual impact assessment ‘underplayed’ harm to Derbyshire landscape

An inspector has refused permission for a 60-home scheme near Matlock, Derbyshire, ruling that the visual impact assessment submitted along with the proposal had underplayed the magnitude of harm to the surrounding landscape.

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Obligation drafting errors compromise 36-home Essex scheme

An inspector has refused permission for a 36-home development in Henham, Essex, despite finding no harm with the scheme itself, ruling that 'severe errors in the drafting of the appeal documents' meant the planning obligation was not binding.

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Two more bedrooms for 16-bed HMO would harm living conditions

An inspector has refused permission for a basement conversion in Leamington Spa that would add two more bedrooms to a 16-bed HMO, ruling that the ‘oppressive outlook’ from the new bedrooms would cause unacceptable living conditions.

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Amalgamation of Chelsea flats allowed despite policy conflict

An inspector has allowed plans to merge two flats into a 'good-sized family unit' in Chelsea, ruling that the substandard floor space of one of the existing flats meant the benefits of converting it would outweigh the resulting loss of housing units.

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Javid overrules inspector to block Cornwall solar farm

Secretary of State Sajid Javid has overturned an inspector’s decision to approve a 5MW solar farm in Cornwall, ruling that the scheme’s reversibility after 30 years did not mean it would be perceived as ‘temporary’ by local people.

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Conversion of former Sky HQ to 297 flats allowed under GPDO

A cluster of four office blocks in Brentford can be converted to 297 flats under Class O of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO), after an inspector granted prior approval for issues relating to traffic and transport.

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Affordability of ‘starter homes’ cannot be a reserved matter

An inspector has refused outline permission for eight ‘affordable’ starter homes, rejecting the appellant's suggestion that he would secure their affordable status through a fully detailed application at a later stage, because there is no mechanism to enforce affordability.

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21-home ‘garden village’ scheme is ‘simply not necessary’

An inspector has refused plans for a 21-home ‘garden village’ near Winchester, saying there was no need to build on greenfield land as the recently adopted local plan allocates enough sites to meet the area’s housing need.

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