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Appeals round-up: ‘Pressing need’ justifies specialist dementia care centre; Outbuilding larger than main house ‘not genuinely required’

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 18 January-24 January, 2020

‘Pressing need’ justifies specialist dementia care centre

An inspector has cited Arun’s rapidly ageing population and ‘extremely limited’ availability of specialist dementia care in approving plans for a 64-bed facility in the area, despite its technical conflict with local spatial policy.

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Outbuilding larger than main house ‘not genuinely required’

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against an outbuilding built by a homeowner for his disabled son that had a larger footprint than the adjacent main house, ruling that the scale of the building was not justified.

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Car park ‘not part of built frontage’ for village infilling purposes

An inspector has rejected an appellant’s argument that a pub car park would form part of a ‘built frontage’ suitable for green belt infill development, noting that it would not always be full of cars and therefore not comparable to a permanent building.

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‘No evidence whatsoever’ behind mayor’s affordable housing demand

The housing secretary has approved a plan for 365 high-rise flats in Lewisham that was blocked by the Mayor of London for its ‘wholly unacceptable’ affordable housing offer, after an inspector found ‘no evidence whatsoever’ that more could be viably provided.

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Jenrick allows 1,350 homes on land not allocated for tall buildings

The housing secretary has approved a developer’s plans to build residential blocks of up to 11 storeys on a business park not allocated for tall buildings, citing the council’s housing supply shortfall.

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‘Viking longboat’ paragraph 79 home rejected

An inspector has dismissed plans for a bespoke family home in East Yorkshire designed to echo the hull of a Viking longboat, expressing doubts that concept would be ‘widely understood’.

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Jenrick approves 850 homes to address ‘serious’ deficit

Approving 850 homes in Gloucestershire would not undermine the council’s plan-led approach to delivering homes, the housing secretary has ruled, citing the fact that issues which prevented the site from being allocated had since been resolved.

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