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Appeals round-up: ‘Inadequate detail’ halts 133-home Denbighshire scheme; Urgent personal circumstances justify green belt traveller site

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 16 October-22 October, 2017

‘Inadequate detail’ halts 133-home Denbighshire scheme

An inspector has blocked 133 homes near Prestatyn, North Wales, ruling that although the site had been allocated for new housing in the local development plan, the detail of the proposal was ‘inadequate’.

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Urgent personal circumstances justify green belt traveller site

An inspector has ruled that the ‘urgent and profound’ personal circumstances of a Nottingham gypsy traveller family fulfilled the ‘very special circumstances’ needed to permit stationing their caravan on green belt.

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Subterranean ‘eco-home’ would be ‘too isolated’

An inspector has refused plans for an underground ‘eco-home’ in the Derbyshire Dales that would be partially shielded from view by a recently approved agricultural barn, considering it too far from the nearest service centre seven miles away.

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Condition restricting outdoor play at Romford nursery is ‘unreasonable’

An inspector has ruled that a 2002 planning condition limiting a nursery’s use of its garden by 10 children at a time is ‘unreasonable’, and increased the limit to 40 children at a time despite objections from neighbours about noise.

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95 homes allowed on employment land in Cornwall

An inspector has granted outline permission for 95 homes near Wadebridge, north Cornwall, ruling that the surplus of employment land and shortage of housing amounted to a ‘very strong argument’ in favour of the scheme.

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300 homes refused 20m from sustainable location

An inspector has refused permission for 300 homes in Suffolk because the appeal site was unsustainably located, despite it being just 20 metres away from the town of Kesgrave, found to be a sustainable location in the local development plan.

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Council must pay costs for favouring emerging local plan over national policy

An inspector has ordered Fylde Borough Council to pay costs for favouring its emerging local plan over national policy in requiring an affordable housing contribution for a scheme of 10 bungalows, before dismissing the scheme on design grounds.

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60m limestone bridge approved for Bristol protected parkland

A classical-style limestone bridge that will improve access to Clifton Downs for cyclists and pedestrians is the first of its kind to be approved for construction in over a century after an inspector was swayed by the scheme's sensitive design.

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London short-term let allowed despite ‘acute’ housing shortage

An inspector has allowed plans to let a Lambeth flat for a maximum of 180 days a year, using a planning condition to strike a balance between short-term letting and permanent housing.

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