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Appeal stats released

Words: Laura Edgar

The Planning Inspectorate has published the latest times taken to decide planning and enforcement appeals.

For appeals (not including householder appeals) that are dealt with by written representation, it takes on average one week to validate the appeal and 10 weeks before the appeal begins. In total, it takes 28 weeks for a decision to be issued.

If the appeal involves a hearing, it also takes one week to validate the appeal, but it takes 23 weeks before proceedings start. The whole process, from start to decision, takes an average of 43 weeks.

Appeals with inquiries took a total of 50 weeks on average, from start to decision.

Enforcement appeals that involve written representations take on average 27 weeks from receipt of the appeal until it begins. It takes 40 weeks through to decision.  For those involving a hearing, it takes 34 weeks for the appeal to begin, and a total of 58 weeks through to decision. Enforcement appeals involving an inquiry take an average of 48 weeks for a decision to be made.

Householder appeals, which include extensions, roof alterations and advertisement consent, took on average six weeks from receipt for the appeal to begin and a total of 16 weeks for a decision to be made.

The stages of an appeal are broken down into stages:

  • Validation to start – once validated a planning inspector is identified.
  • Start to event – Parties will receive a timetable for the appeal, including deadlines for representations and supporting documents.
  • Event to decision – The inspector will make a decision on the appeal.