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Appeals round-up: Neglected 1970s monastery will not make way for housing; Air-dome in green belt will meet winter tennis ‘need’

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 11 December-17 December, 2017

School takeaway buffer zones should not be ‘as the crow flies’

An inspector has approved plans for a KFC restaurant and takeaway in South London despite local policy restricting takeaways within 400 metres of schools, after ruling that actual walking distances should be used instead of linear measurements.

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Air-dome in green belt will meet winter tennis ‘need’

An inspector has approved a tennis club’s plan for a 30ft-tall inflatable ‘air-dome’' in the green belt, ruling that the unmet need for all-weather tennis facilities identified in the neighbourhood plan amounted to very special circumstances.

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Extant permission from 1949 cannot outweigh self-build harm to green belt

An inspector has blocked 14 self-build homes on green belt land in Enfield despite a local housing supply of only 2.1 years. He ruled that an extant permission to build glasshouses on the site dating from 1949 was only a ‘theoretical’ fallback position.

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Council must pay costs for ‘deeply troubling’ approach to 32-home scheme

An inspector has ordered a full award of costs against Fenland Council for its ‘injudicious’ decision to refuse 32 homes for ‘no tangible reason’ – and against the advice of its officers, having failed to undertake a balancing exercise.

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Local circumstances outweigh ministerial statement in self-build home proposal

An inspector has refused a self-build home in Elmbridge, Surrey, for lack of an affordable housing contribution, despite a written ministerial statement saying no such contribution should be necessary.

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Neglected 1970s monastery will not make way for housing

An inspector has blocked plans to demolish a disused 1970s monastery in the Cotswolds AONB and replace it with 10 homes because the scheme would harm the setting of the monastic community’s new home – a grade I listed 14th century abbey.

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29-home AONB scheme ruled ‘major development’

An inspector has refused permission for 29 homes in Cradley, a village within the Malvern Hills AONB, ruling that a 4 per cent increase in its size would constitute ‘major development’, contrary to NPPF paragraph 116.

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