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Ambitious bus strategy unveiled for Dublin

Words: Roger Milne
Bus strategy / iStock-658291974

Ambitious plans to transform bus public transport in the Dublin region have been published by transport minister Shane Ross and the National Transport Authority (NTA).

A network of high-speed bus corridors has been proposed as a key element of a €1 billion strategy to ease the capital’s congestion.

The suite of initiatives includes redesigning the existing bus routes, introducing a state-of-the-art cashless ticketing system, a simpler fare structure and new bus stops with better signage and information.

In addition, a network of park-and-ride sites close to major roads and transport hubs such, as Luas stops and Irish Rail stations, is planned, coupled with the introduction of low-emission buses.

Of the £1 billion estimated cost, €300 million is already committed under Building on Recovery, the 2015 capital plan.

NTA chief executive Anne Graham said: “We believe that there is potential to increase bus passenger numbers by at least 50 per cent over the lifetime of the project, which would represent a significant step-change in how people get from place to place.

"Dublin is a low-density city, which means that very few areas have the size and concentration of population to support rail-based public transport. For most areas, bus transport represents the best public transport solution.”

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