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Adonis launches drive for young professionals panel

Words: Huw Morris
Adonis wants help from people at the start of their career / iStock-838427800

The UK’s up-and-coming planners, designers, architects and engineers are being encouraged to give their views on meeting the country’s future infrastructure needs.

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has unveiled plans for a young professionals panel to advise its chairman Lord Adonis and fellow commissioners.

Adonis said this was a “unique opportunity” for professionals at the outset of their careers to have an influence as the commission develops the country’s first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment.

“[This] will consider the country’s needs right up to 2050. So who better to get involved than the people looking to design the country’s future bridges and roads, digital networks and energy supplies than the people most likely to benefit from the decisions we make?” he said.

“I am keen the commission does not just listen to those whose careers are well established, but also to people at the start of their professional lives with ideas and inspiration about the infrastructure they want to see in their future – so I would urge anyone with a passion for this vital issue to put their names forward for this unique opportunity.”

The NIC is looking for up to 20 people from across a wide range of disciplines to be on the panel, which will meet twice a year as well as contributing more widely by acting as a challenge panel for aspects of the commission’s work, undertaking its own research on specific issues, or leading events for the organisation.

Anyone looking to apply will need to submit a short article by 5 January 2018, offering their view on what the UK’s most important infrastructure project will be this century. The Young Professionals Panel will be in place and working by early 2018.

For further details can be found on the National Infrastructure Commission website.

Image credit | iStock