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2,500 homes approved in Warwickshire

Words: Laura Edgar
House building / iStock: 911674684

Warwick District Council has granted outline planning permission for up to 2,500 homes and 4,000 square metres of mixed-use floor space.

The development, which will be located on land at Kings Hill Lane, also includes:

  • A primary school;
  • A secondary school;
  • Open space; and
  • Associated infrastructure.

The land is within the H43 housing allocation, which was removed from the green belt within the Warwick District Local Plan. According to the document for the planning committee, the site is allocated with a guide capacity for up to 4,000 dwellings with 1,800 to be delivered within the plan period, which is up to 2029.

It notes that this application includes a large proportion of the overall allocation for housing and community infrastructure.

Planning officers recommended that Lioncourt Land Limited’s application be granted permission subject to a section 106 agreement to secure several obligations, including:

  • Affordable housing

-    450 units for social rent;

-    250 units for affordable rent;

-    150 units for shared ownership; and

-    150 units for discount market value.

  • £1,710,755 and 0.501 hectares towards an on-site health centre or £1,283,113 for off-site expansions/improvements.
  • £9,012,000 for road Infrastructure works.

A number of objections to the development were submitted, including from several town and parish councils, for reasons relating to transport congestion, as well as the fact the development intends to meet the housing demand Coventry can’t meet. One parish council noted that currently there isn’t any overspill from the city.

This development is linked to a full application due to be considered by Coventry City Council’s planning committee on 19 December. It is for the installation of two new highways access junctions on land west of Green Lane and the junction of Saint Martins Road / Green Lane / Howes Lane.

The document prepared for the committee can be found on the Warwick District Council website.

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