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Words: Laura Edgar

Planning Theory And Practice, the Royal Town's Planning Insitute’s (RTPI) peer-reviewed academic journal, has published a special issue for the RTPI’s centenary that also includes RTPI-commissioned essays on the future of professional planning, 100 years from the founding of the institute.

Around a thousand RTPI members have already downloaded the essay collection in which noted planning thinkers and researchers from around the world to consider planning 100 years since the founding of the RTPI.

These essays ask critical questions about the future of professional planning and call on planners to act as leaders in facing future challenges, such as climate change and social justice.

This issue was edited by RTPI fellow Kevin McDonald, who asks three big questions for the profession in the 21st century: what are the purposes of planning; who planners should be serving; and how the profession can develop.

The essays are available at www.bit.ly/PTPfree